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 Bear & Predator Defence - Shotgun & ATC

Silvercore Canada Corporate Bear & Predator Defence  

Silvercore prides itself on bringing its corporate clients a nationally recognized bear defence program. These courses are a must for the field professionals working in bear territory wishing to gain an intimate perspective of what is necessary to avoid, prevent or ultimately stop a predatory animal attack ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees. Examples of the types of industry clients requiring bear defence training include, but not limited to: Forestry, Mining, Mineral Exploration, and Fisheries.


Wilderness ATC - Wilderness Authorization to Carry

Silvercore Wildernes ATC 

Bear Defence - Defence against predatory animals


Silvercore Bear Defence FIREARMS TRAINING


Corporate Bear & Predator Defence (1 & 2 Day)


Cougar Defence Courses  

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Bear & Predator Defence

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